Career Objectives

I have a keen interest in Web development and Server/Systems management, with a focus on DevOps and Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

I have been responsible for designing and implementing solutions to solve business needs and have been exposed to a wide range of different technologies and solutions as different needs arose

  • IT Deployment Manager - Schlumberger

    Nov 2012 - Present (various roles)
    Software Development
    • DevOps Experience
      • Migrated most existing web server infrastructure to Docker containers, with a container aware front-end proxy (Traefik)
      • Deployment pipelines in Azure DevOps to implement rolling releases for Development, Testing and Production environments
      • Scrum based work item tracking and task management dashboard
      • Business application test suites (PHPunit, Laravel Dusk and Chromium web driver)
      • Change Management and Deployment pipelines (Azure DevOps and GitHub)
    • Web Based Business systems (PHP)
      • Corporate Intranet (based on Laravel ORM)
      • AIMS Manufacturing system feature development (in-house ERP)
      • Moodle based training system, implementation and custom features developed
      • Configured and coded authentication in existing business systems from LDAP, to Microsoft Azure OAuth provider for single sign on
    System Migration/Integrations
    • Data extractions coded with MSSQL queries, PowerShell and Excel PowerQuery for file and metadata export
      • 50,000 CAD objects from Autodesk Vault to PTC Windchill (Peak Well Systems)
      • 15,000 CAD objects from Solidworks ePDM to PTC Windchill (Saltel Industries)
      • API connector to integrate in-house MRP to Schlumberger systems to ensure portfolio synchronization and single source of truth for engineering data
    Server and Systems management
    • Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019
    • Linux (Debian Server 9/10, FreeBSD 11)
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery (Veeam, Backup Exec)
  • Certifications

    Bachelor of Computer Science from Edith Cowan University (December 2011)
    Major in Computer Science
    Major in Internetworking Technologies

Challenges and Personal Achievements

My biggest challenge to date was to design, code and support a company wide intranet system from the ground up in Laravel (a PHP ORM), that was able to use LDAP credentials to authenticate and also talk to a number of different web services and APIs for other business systems used by the organization
This system is responsible for tracking staff leave, Engineering project workflow, corporate directory and posts/notifications from management to the company